Can I edit jump details?

Choosing a dropzone, gear, and jump type is not a requirement to track your jumps. One of Tobu’s priorities is to make it easier to track your skydives without becoming an additional distraction. You can always add this information after you land.

Edit skydive details
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  1. Open the Tobu app and go to the logbook tab.
  2. Select the jump you want to edit, tap on the three dots at the top right of your screen, and select "Edit".
  3. If it is a Tobu entry, you can edit dropzone, jump type, distance from landing target, and gear. If it is a manual entry, you can edit all the information about your skydive.
  4. Once you have finished editing, tap on save.

Please note that once the entry is signed, you won't be able to edit your skydive.